What is Coaching?


My coaching approach, as defined by Coaching for Transformation*, my ICF accredited coach training program, is “a partnership that maximizes human potential.” Coaching inspires deep self-awareness and produces driven, fulfilling results in both personal and professional arenas.

How does it work?

Coaching helps you articulate your vision, identify your needs and core values, bring your inner and outer worlds into alignment, set goals you feel passionate about and create a plan for your own development. Coaching provides a structure to continuously reflect and capture learning, and take that new learning directly into action. Through the coaching partnership, you build your own capacity, expand your possibilities, and achieve greater fulfillment and success while staying on track with your objectives.

As coaches, we are trained to listen, observe and ask powerful questions. We reflect what we see and hear to help clients clarify their feelings and values, leading to insight and action. We customize our approach based on an individual’s or organization’s needs. We trust that our client partners are whole and resourceful, and we tap their inner wisdom to help them overcome obstacles and generate strategies and action plans. Our job is to provide support to enhance the skills, resources, and creativity they already have. In addition, Coaching for Transformation is a holistic coaching program that combines awareness of body, mind, soul
and spirit with traditional coaching skills for deep, lasting transformation.

Coaching is part of the cultural shift from a pathology world view to a resourceful world view. In the pathology world view, we identify problems and evaluate and implement solutions. In contrast, coaches and clients work together from a resourceful point of view – collaborating as partners to explore possibilities and opportunities and identify resources to create exciting new action. Coaching is world-changing, as well as life-changing work.

How different is Coaching from Therapy or Counseling?

Coaching is differentiated from therapeutic and counseling disciplines since clients are in most cases considered healthy (ie not sick) and move forward from their present situation. There are a variety of approaches within the coaching methodology. Coaching is performed with individuals and groups, in person, over the phone and online/Skype.

* Coaching for Transformation is a international certification program by Leadership That Works. Leadership that Works began offering coaching and training programs to visionaries in 1997. The Coaching for Transformation certification program, developed by Leadership that Works, began in 2006 and is an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited coach training program. The program stands on the shoulders of the human development fi eld, psychology, soul work from indigenous cultures and philosophies of the East.

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