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Welcome to The Peace Circle!200743_425958860783492_2116305758_n

If you are a parent, a grandparent, an uncle/aunt or a ‘Friend of Children’ and have some interest in learning more and being in community with other adults who long to raise children with peaceful and empathic empowerment of themselves and respect of other people’s needs, join us!

The Peace Circle is a community of DC area parents (but expanding to the US East Coast and more) that was created in 2011 after Mali Parke and a group of parents who were attending Family HEART Camp each summer were longing for more social interactions and a community of conscious learners and intentional living families to meet more regularly along the year and grow together.

We have since organized several camping trips in the MD state parks or Delaware beach state park, as well as social potlucks, picnics by Rock Creek, indoor playdates, International Peace Day celebrations, park and creek clean-ups, and more coming soon …

Mali is also now a co-host and organizer of Family HEART Camp West Virginia, along with some other members of The Peace Circle and Capital NVC and we warmly invite you to join us there for a week-long transformational experience in compassionate community.

All of our activities and the summer camp are open to Friends of Children of all ages too!  As the saying goes, we deeply believe that “it takes a village to raise a child!”

How do I join and what does it entail?

1. It’s FREE!  Your active participation, from offering venues, hosting potluck, co-organizing camping trips and/or parenting series with Mali is highly appreciated. The Peace Circle community can only be co-created!

2. Sign up to Core To Coeur mailing list to see all latest news.

3. Find us on all of our social media platforms:

  • Facebook: (Mali posts inspirational quotes, pics and articles and soon her own blog posts)
  • a great way to invite other friends and share meetups as well as “rate” the meetings for feedback
  • Yahoo group: for a discussion forum on parenting questions you may have.

Peace Circle Testimonial

“From the moment I arrived at the campsite, I felt welcomed and valued equally with those who were more seasoned members of the group. Never before have I witnessed the sheer volume of sincere giving and truly open-hearted attitudes as I saw over this weekend. I can honestly say that every person I met and spoke with was sensitive and caring, well beyond the simple politeness that most of our society would consider caring.  […]  The amount of autonomy given to the children in their behavior and interactions was truly commendable and inspiring, and resulted in a weekend of play for the children at a level of cooperation and communication rarely seen. […] Thank you for witnessing a way of communicating that is worth exploring further.  Finally, thank you for providing a wonderful getaway in a safe, loving, accepting environment.” ~ Sara M. – Peace Circle Camping Trip 2012 Participant

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