Nov 192012

Fall GratitudeLet’s Make ‘Gratitude Day’ Every Day!

In this time of giving thanks, we slow down to focus on the people and events that warm our hearts.  Research proves that focusing on a gratitude practice each day improves your overal happiness, optimism and joy, even increases your immune system and more!

Both my children, 5 and 8, have taken on writing gratitude post-it notes every day and put them in a transparent jar, filling them with notes of love and appreciation for the small and big people and things in their lives. It’s been indeed uplifting them (and me!) and has been a joyous addition to our connecting rituals.

Gratitude Practice: Focus and write down each day on 5 things you are grateful for in your last 24 hours.  Do this every day for at least 30 days. See what comes up!

May you all be surrounded with love and care from your family and friends and rejoice in the small and large gifts of life.

In grateful service,