Feb 102012

Dive deep within yourself .. and live fully from your ‘coeur’ (heart)

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2012 is fully ramping on. What makes you dream and thrive in your new year so far?

In our home, winter means that our kids are now well settled in their school routine, and life is at full throttle, sometimes with setbacks in projects if a kid is suddenly sick or need more care. Sunshine and warmth’s capricious appearances remind us to go out and play.  To take that deep fresh breath and slow down and remember that everything is anew in that moment.

Around us everywhere, individuals strive to look for what will get them closer to happiness, couples dream about progressing on some shared or individual goals, parents have their family’s needs at heart and focus on finding strategies that will work best for them all, teams at work are reassessing where they are, what’s to be completed, and possibly look ahead at what’s next.

All are striving to balance their individual needs with those of their partner, family, team, … world.

Maybe it’s a stressful time too.

Maybe tensions are rising about new desires or renewed energy around old projects that haven’t been tended to in a while. Maybe some routines need more tweaking, or extra activities in search of satisfaction leave us drained, tired, not-so-full after all at the end of the day.  Maybe we keep thinking ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ and go to bed at night not satisfied with ourselves. Does any of this sound like your life today?

Are you longing for more EASE, COOPERATION, HARMONY at home with your loved ones? Are you hoping to find that satisfying BALANCE between home and work? Or even find more HAPPINESS and FULLNESS in expressing your own talents and values each day? Are you deep down craving for more SUPPORT and COMPANIONSHIP?

If you need to take that deep breath, to attune to YOUR SELF, to re-prioritize your life and do more things that bring you alive, to live passionately your LIFE PURPOSE … support isn’t far away.

Dive to your CORE and explore what makes you uniquely you, your values, your dreams, your talents, your calling … and connect deeply with your COEUR (‘heart’ in French) to fully empower your life and balance connection with your self and others.

I recently pursued one of my own life dream and became a Certified* Professional Coach through a holistic coaching program called ‘Coaching for Transformation‘.  Adding my many years of training in Nonviolent Communication, I am excited to open my heart, listening and empathic ear, empowering curiosity and coaching practice to you – or someone you know.

Read more about my Life Coaching, Collaborative Communication workshops, Compassionate Parenting classes and Conscious Marketing consulting at www.Core2Coeur.com and contact me or schedule a complimentary session today!

I would enjoy hearing back from you on what came alive for you reading this post … and any insight on meeting your needs better. Drop me a line!

Wishing you and your loved ones a connecting 2012 and to find wonders everyday.

Mali Parke, CPC
Core Life Coaching | Collaborative Communication | Compassionate Parenting & Ed. | Conscious Marketing
*International Coaching Federation (ICF) Certified – 2011