Reclaiming Ourselves: A Women’s Mini-Retreat & Series



A “Core To Coeur” Women’s Retreat and Winter to Spring Journey

“Reclaiming Ourselves” is a Winter/Spring program for women who are longing to treat themselves to deep (self) empathy and reclaim parts of themselves to live fuller, more authentic, and fiercely loving lives.

It is composed of options of a one-day mini-retreat, two-level 8-week series, or a full program including all of the above and three personalized and empowering coaching calls.

** Contact Mali if you are wanting to have this program run at your own place of work or residence for women in your network **


This program is for women longing to find out more about who they are; unveil their deepest needs and aspirations; find their most authentic, vulnerable, courageous, and fiercely loving voice; and hold the needs of themselves and others in great balance.

This program is for women who may have experienced or are experiencing “difficult” or “unhealthy” relationships; a sense of disappointment or loss; or maybe a continued story of not being “good enough” for someone, for ourselves, or maybe “too much” as well.

255414_428351763891684_414775563_nIT IS FOR WOMEN READY TO …

… hold or reclaim their power beyond the pressures and balance with care or even nurture the power of others, (ex-) partners, children, or family members.

… ready to drop off the social masks and dare greatly to live in authentic and courageous vulnerability.

… face with deep self-acceptance any past resentments, fears, hurts, or shame and raise their empowered and courageous voices to live their life with fierce compassion and trust.

… shower their old beliefs with compassion and hear new ones emerge to live with more radical (self)acceptance and fuller aliveness.

… hold clear, authentic, courageous and healthy boundaries to fully honor themselves.

This program is built around the power of Women’s Circles, using ancient peacemaking and collaborative processes that nurture inner wisdom, empowered sisterhood, and compassionate healing.

It can be a great support for anyone who is in life transition or supporting others in transition. All who identify themselves as women are warmly welcomed. We value a diverse group that will enrich each other’s experiences and expand awareness, acceptance, and healing in our communities.


We will use radical self-compassion work to explore any “shadows” and “core beliefs” and bring them to light to reclaim parts of our expression, parts of our true self, that are longing to be known and lived so we can also express our fierce and loving nature.

The program will focus on deep listening of our bodies and increase awareness of our felt senses to tap into our inner truth and wisdom and support integration of our smallest and shyest voices.

Over the course of the series, we will also explore many aspects of what it is to live as a woman today and hold our needs as equally precious and valued as those of all other beings.

The program will use mindfulness meditation, Focusing, EFT, and the skills and principles of nonviolence as presented in Nonviolent Communication (also called Collaborative Communication) to explore our shadows and core beliefs and work our way back to our whole, authentic, fierce, and loving inner and outer voice.

Read more below about Mali’s background, formation, and approaches or contact Mali to schedule a quick chat.

406811_449662218413394_1685852943_nWHAT DO OTHERS SAY ABOUT THESE SERIES AND THIS WORK?

I feel that the term “Non Violent Communication” is almost too limiting to describe the dynamic nature of this course, and I would almost venture to say it is “Transformative Communication.”  It has transformed the ways I perceive the world, relate to others, and talk to myself.  Mali has helped me to cultivate resources – internal and external – to be “the change that you wish to see in the world.”  I’ve never experienced anything quite like this, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in life to have taken this course.  I wish to carry the intentions I’ve nurtured here – dearly in my heart – throughout my life.” Y.S. – Series Participant, 2014

Mali is an intensely sensitive coach with an access to deep insight and wisdom. She is accutely aware of underlying emotions and issues. She deals with her clients with a gentle but guided hand that is inspirational and insightful. Though she is gentle, she is also courageous in her insightful calls to action that are powerful. When working with her, I was moved by the simplicity of our work and the outcome that left me knowing what I thought was complicated was really quite simple and clear.” ~ K. Q., client


You can choose any options that work for you:


Treat yourself to an afternoon among a circle of women for a journey of introspection and exploration of what may be holding you back in patterns of unhealthy relating (to yourself or others), reclaim your “Yes” and “No”s and practice your powerful voice and explore how to set strong, courageous, compassionate boundaries to honor all.

It’s the perfect step to say goodbye to Winter and hello to Spring.

 Read here my latest article about why setting intentions alone doesn’t seem to ”stick” without this work.


LEVEL I: “RECLAIMING OURSELVES – FIRST STEPS” will focus on deep empathic listening and on building our compassionate and fierce communication skills to hold our needs in balance. For anyone new to or who has attended an introductory workshop in Nonviolent Communication.
Note: To accommodate evening availabilities, this series can be replaced by taking the “Practicing Ahimsa: Nonviolence in our Words” NVC foundation series that will re-run in the Spring at the Studio DC. Email me for more info.

LEVEL II: “RECLAIMING OURSELVES – DIVING DEEPER” will focus on understanding our core beliefs, healing, and shadow work and will bring up new territories to explore as women together. For anyone who has at least 15+hours of foundational NVC training.
Currently looking at options to host a full weekend Women’s Retreat and bringing a big part of the materials/focus I wanted to bring in the full program. Will include a balance of other healing/self-care modalities such as yoga, Reiki, ecstatic dancing, fire ceremony, music, and learning/integrating sessions. In order to see interest/best availabilities, please fill out this doodle poll:

FULL PROGRAM PACKAGE includes the mini-retreat, one level of the 8-week series, and 3 individual coaching calls with Mali to propel your connection to yourself!  And all extras below.



For the 8-week series and the full program, you will have access to:

▪   “Empathy Buddying:” There is nothing like women supporting other women with “nurturing empowerment.” We will create a system of peer-to-peer support between classes so you can get a high dose of weekly empathy and greater support and clarity for your self-exploration.

▪   Journaling/Exercises: You will get a manual of exercises that we will use to deepen our journey. Additional exercises or journaling inquiries may be given during the program or after coaching calls. All proposed “work” is an offer/request to yourself, and we will practice self-responsibility as well as gentle coaching to support your accountability if you so desire.

▪   Online Community: Each class will join a budding “Core To Coeur Women’s Circle” forum where sharing, requesting, and supporting each other as we move through our series will be possible. In the mini-retreat session, follow-up 8-week series, and online community, you will be invited to co-create this container of trust, vulnerability, compassion, and curiosity as well as support each other as we step towards greater exploring, sharing, and healing.

▪   Individual Coaching Discount: If at any time in the series you wish for additional individual support, Mali will offer up to three sessions at a discounted rate of $115/hour to be used during the program (Feb-Mar 2015).


“Reclaiming Ourselves” Mini-Retreat

March 15, 2015: 1pm-5:30pm
Dupont Circle, NW DC
Address Provided Upon Registration

“Reclaiming Ourselves – First Steps”

Start Date to Be Announced when 8 Participants Min Register
8 Thursdays 10:30am-12:15pm (skipping one or two weeks in April over Spring Break)
Note: To accommodate evening availabilities, this series can be replaced by taking the “Practicing Ahimsa: Nonviolence in our Words” NVC foundation series that will re-run in the Spring at the Studio DC. Email me for more info.

 8-Week “Reclaiming Ourselves – Diving Deeper”

Start Date to Be Announced when 8 Participants Min Register
4 Fridays 6:30pm-9:30pm
Select dates between March and June

In order to see interest/best availabilities, please fill out this doodle poll:

Note: If these times and dates don’t work for you, but you are interested in this program, please enter your availability and interest here, and they will be taken into account in the next semester’s planning.

Mali/Core To Coeur coaching reserves the option to cancel or reschedule the series if timing/days are not supportive to having a minimum of 8 participants in each group. Full refunds will be available for any offers not started.



Dupont Circle, NW DC in a Private Residence

Street Parking, Red Line Dupont Circle Metro 2 ½ blocks away



EARLY BIRD RATE: $100 (until March 1st)


8-WEEK SERIES ONLY (either ones)

EARLY BIRD RATE: $240 (up to two weeks prior to the start date)


FULL PROGRAM (a value of $900)

EARLY BIRD RATE: $600 (up to two weeks prior to the mini-retreat date)


Pricing and tickets will be confirmed when there is enough interest to book a venue. Likely to be between $350-$450 with some early bird and discount by signing with a friend/partner.


Payment plans are accepted for all three options.


For the 8-week series and full program, anyone can cancel before the second session in the series and get:

▪   full reimbursement for the series-only option

▪   partial reimbursement of the full-program fee minus $100 for the retreat day and $100 for any coaching session already used

The pricing options above are best-attempt strategies to hold all of our financial needs with care. As always, please contact Mali for any creative or supportive solutions to these needs. Mali values gift-economy and community-supported-everything projects and strives to present all of her work with these options.



In fiercely loving service to you all,

Mali Parke, CPC

PS: Can’t wait that long? Call Mali at 202-257-3376 or email at to discuss how coaching could support you today!

Let Mali know of your interest in any of these series or retreat ASAP to help shape their organization. Thank you!


Mali Parke is an ICF Certified Life and Parenting Coach, Collaborative Communication & Restorative Practices Trainer, a certification candidate with the Center For Nonviolent Communication, and last but not least, a single mom of two, her most inspiring teachers.

With a passion for personal and compassionate empowerment and restorative relating, she supports individuals who are looking to live life from an inspired, joyful, and conscious presence and strengthen their relationships to others with understanding, cooperation, and strong connection.

Mali offers life and executive coaching; dialogue facilitation; restorative circles; mediation for groups, families, and individuals; and training opportunities for parents, educators, teams, and organizations.

Mali draws her work from years of training and experience in Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Positive Discipline, Leadership Coaching, Restorative Circles, Peace-Making Circles, Mediation, Mindfulness, Focusing, EFT, Attachment Theory, Shadow Work, and more.

In 2013, Mali founded the Peace Circle Center, a cooperative of local professionals focused on serving youth, parents, caregivers, educators, groups, and individuals with restorative, empathic, and empowering solutions to increase peace-making skills, conflict resolution, and cooperation at home, in school and in the community. She is also a founding member of the DC Alliance for Restorative Practices, a network and movement to raise awareness of restorative solutions in the Nation’s Capital.

She is a recurring contributor to the regional NVC organization, Capital NVC, and serves for her third year on the hosting and programming team for the regional NVC summer camp, Family HEART Camp West Virginia. Find out more about Mali’s work at and

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