Apr 012015

Are you feeling deep energies shifting within you these days?

Do you sense new potential, new dreams re-energized, maybe some discomfort with projects or relationships that are not where you want them to be?

Do you have connections you are wishing greater ease or stronger agreements with and are resolved to put your attention to?

Spring has a way of reminding us of our own cyclic rhythm of death (letting go) and rebirth (creation) that we go through over and over in life.  

In Spring, it’s often the time to clean up our gardens from the leftover dead leaves that protected the soil, seeds, bulbs under their protective layers. It’s a time to open our windows wide and let that first soft breeze come and purify, detoxify our indoor spaces.  It’s a time we often do deep window cleaning too, let that glass be as clear as it can to give us the view on the outside world.

Can we follow this analogy in our own internal reality?

It’s a perfect time for questions such as “What can be composted from the learnings and experiences of my Winter? What can be let go of, transitioned, digested?” or What is here that needs my attention, dedication, voice to regain deeper clarity, spaciousness, energy?”

  • Write down a checklist of “what is it that I most long for? … What are some goals that have been dormant for a while?” Run over an overview of your contribution to life (work, purpose, volunteering .. what are the goals that you have to make ‘life more wonderful?”) , relationships (family, loved ones, friends, colleagues, ‘community’ … ), self-care (mind, heart, body .. how do you value and honor yourself?), re-creation (“how do I support my sense of aliveness, spirit, inspiration, creativity?”)


  • What are some of my deeper needs and values that I want to live more of this Spring?” Make a list of 3-5 “top” ones that you can’t live without.


  • Envision all that you would need to live them. It looks like the “what, when, where, how, with whom, etc..”. Check out what you need to bring within yourself, and what you need to request of another. Frame it in a positive language (envision what you want, not what you don’t want)


  • Start naming the smallest request you can make of yourself – or to another – that you can do this week. Something that you know the probability to say ‘no’ to is sufficient small that you predict is to be do-able, easy.


  • Any obstacle or hurdle on the horizon? Check what value of YOURS you are actually holding dear and would lose if you were not to do or say what this obstacle/hurdle is bringing you.  Tricky question. Call me if you stumble here.  Check that value/needs and see, if anything, what is really holding you today in it, what needs to be put under a shining light, what needs extra support or care to grow and transition to also hold these other goals and vision that you have for yourself.


  • If you got this far, check back in within: “Knowing both what I value/honor (even by default) in what is my obstacle (old habit or ‘what’s in the way’), and what I value in how I want to show up in life, what is my truth now in what needs to be done or said (to myself or to another)?”.

I hope this practice is supporting your inner Spring cleaning and brings you new spaciousness to see what new buds will grow this year!

300268_10152671486850431_1712138693_nIf you are seeking further clarity, understanding, hope, and movement forward with all that is stirring in you, contact me for a solo Pay-What-You-Can 30-Min coaching session (new clients) and bring the new buddings of your Life into full bloom! 

In joyful service,
Mali Parke, CPC
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