Jan 132013

200743_425958860783492_2116305758_nThis is my personal wish for myself, my family and my community. I founded the Peace Circle in November 2011, after realizing that families who were meeting at Family HEART Camp of Virginia were longing for a year-long community of parents raising children with heart-to-heart connection, empathy, conflict resolution skills and empowerment.

The Peace Circle reaches now well over 400 families, in the DC area but also nationally and internationally through its Facebook page. in DC, we meet through playdates, camping weekends … and more are being planned for 2013.

And this year, we’re adding a special focus: as Gandhi said – “Be the Change that We Want to See in the World!”. So join us for new activities this year that will be planned around community service, social change activism, random acts of kindness, and learning from the inside out how to express our compassion for all.  Friends of children welcome.

Two upcoming events include a creek and park cleanup on January 21st and a March for Gun Control on January 26th.  See the calendar of events or join us on Facebook to follow us and access inspirational quotes and articles.

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