Group Workshops and Series


Would your group or organization benefit from team building, empathy skills and peaceful conflict resolution?

Do you have a team who needs greater value-based productivity and collaboration?

Do you want your employees to become empowered team leaders and purposeful contributors?

Core To Coeur offers the following group trainings (not exhaustive):

  • Effective Communication & Nonviolent Communication: increasing empathic listening and authentic, connecting self-expression
  • Leadership & empowerment skills: learning powerful coaching skills, connecting to inner sense of purpose and aliveness, managing teams and groups with assurance and nurturing collaboration
  • Collaborative process consulting: holding all needs in the balance and anchoring progress in the team and individuals’ purpose and drive
  • Restorative conflict resolution system: brainstorming, training and implementing of non-punitive, restorative approach to resolving conflicts in teams, organizations, schools and communities

Contact me today at 202-257-3376 or to arrange and schedule your customize group training. Check the Calendar of Events for scheduled workshops and classes in the DC area.


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