May 072013


Is it a busy month for you too? Do you find yourself buried deep into many projects that you keep churning and churning without producing much … Running the wheel like a hamster and losing steam?

That’s what happened to me lately … until I remembered to breathe.

And not that song’s advice of “Breathe .. Just Breathe…”. Taking deep longer breaths, slowing down Time almost and creating space in between our busy-ness to Allow things to just be. Noticing the subtle constrictions and grip that holds our breath and inner aliveness.

When we can really notice, really ‘feel’ that our head is spinning faster than our heart can follow, when we can track our many thoughts of “I have to …” and “This should (not) be like …”, only then can we start to take our power back to create the change we want to see in our lives.

Add a dose of (self-)compassionate care and you can transform these thoughts into more life-serving questions such as:

What does my inner aliveness want me to know about this?

What is my deeper agenda here?

What do I really feel (sensations, emotions that are mine and not linked to another person “doing something to me”)? What do I need?

It’s often when we ‘let go’ of expectations, or pre-conceived notions of what would be best or even ‘necessary’ at times, that a new spaciousness and momentum gets created … when life rushes in and greater alignment to our deeper values manifest into the small and larger moments.

Does this speak to you too? I call this a ‘small death and re-birth’ process. Allowing us to shed past cast, notions and constrictions and come out of that previously life-serving cocoon to expand our new and powerful wings.

And these just keeps on cycling in sometimes small and subtle ways or in shattered-my-world ways.

And depending on our own inner resources, we can all use some support to help us give birth to that next expansion of ourselves.  And Friends. Or Doulas. Or friends willing to be your life-doulas.

If you are curious for more and want to learn a few processes of clearing up your thoughts, connecting to your body and heart, finding greater clarity to what your inner aliveness wants, and empower yourself to take actions that will help you create the life that you want, call me today to schedule a complimentary session!

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