Sept 23: Family Constellation Exploration Day

September 23, 2017 @ 9:00 am – 2:00 pm
Josephine Butler Park Center
2437 15th Street NW
DC 20009
Mali Parke

  • Are you longing for more freedom and choice in your life but often feel stuck or down unable to really reach what your heart longs for?
  • Do you try your best to communicate, connect with a partner, child or family member and deep connection always seem a step away?
  • Are you wanting a career/relationship/life change and can’t seem to shake off what seems to tie you down to persistent patterns of unhappiness?
  • Are you trying to create a new family culture and keep seeing old cycles of pain happening over and over?

These are some of the many intuitive questions that we have in our lives, questions we don’t usually ask ourselves or friends out loud and that often stay unanswered, clouded in confusion or despair, or we are so used to them that we have found ways to cope with them but never quite feel fully ourselves or free to create the life our hearts truly long for.

Are you ready to ask yourself some courageous questions, explore what may be blocking you towards greater connection, to see what movement or healing might get you closer to the quality of living and relating that you are longing for?

Come and join us for a daylong exploratory workshop using the processes and approach of Systemic Family Constellation.

What is Family Constellation?

Family Constellation is a process that invites us to tap into our body’s innate and intuitive wisdom and unlock the power of our brain’s mystery and nervous system information to find what may be ready to be healed in our family system and in ourselves. This process supports liberating ourselves from entanglements, sacred vows/contracts, rescuing little parts of ourselves stuck in trauma, re-opening the flow of love where it was shut or cold, accounting for ancestors trauma/pain/burdens and re-establishing balance in ourselves. And more.

This daylong exploratory workshop may call you if you are:

  • Seeking to break old patterns, generational pain and conditioned limited beliefs and reclaim greater flow, freedom and choice
  • Wanting to “find your place”, purpose, service, tribe … and deep human accompaniment and empathy on your journey
  • Desiring to clear any obstacles to greater love, intimacy, connection to your loved ones (partners in any stage, child/ren of any age, family members …)
  • Ready to process what feels like old familial or even historical trauma to liberate new energy and ‘move forward’
  • Restore yourself, your family system towards greater wholeness and embodied healing and power


Mali’s genuine, professional, and caring approach to my constellation was a transformation in my emotional, spiritual, and physical body that has empowered me to better understand my behavior and emotions in relation to the people in my life. I wish this experience for anyone willing to open their hearts and minds to both healing and building their world. Words cannot truly express how grateful I am for Mali’s facilitation and I plan to continue with Mali.” Brad K.

Family Constellation work allows us to explore what is true and alive in our relationships, even if loved ones are not present or living. Whether I was working with my own Family Constellation or participating in someone else’s, I experienced a deep awakening and healing. I felt that I was not only healing myself, but also my loved ones. It was a life-changing experience.” Joanne D.

I participated in a support role for another person’s constellation and I was really amazed by the process. Mali has a gift, almost in the realm of the supernatural–except that she is grounded in the science of the brain and nervous system, and constantly returns to the physical sensations manifesting in each person’s body. It’s difficult to explain what a family constellation is, because when you’re participating in one, aspects of it seem surreal, even though everything proceeds at pace that everyone feels comfortable in, and never is there a sense of not feeling emotionally safe. During the family constellation that I attended, Mali facilitated an unfolding of long-stuffed emotions and stories that originated in the “seeker’s” past, in his original family. The other participants took on the emotional roles of the seeker’s family members, becoming representatives of this original family, and through them, the seeker, someone very close to me, was able to find places in his psyche that were sources of pain–unresolved childhood wounds that continued to impede his ability to experience freedom and growth in relationships in the present. Identifying and then paying close attention to these wounds seemed to be a very intense experience for the seeker, and resulted in shifts in the underlying foundations of his self-esteem and self-construct… The experience was also intense and meaningful for the representatives. The way the representatives seemed to channel other people from the seeker’s family was more than accurate, it was uncanny. Throughout it all, Mali kept everyone feeling safe and grounded it their bodies. Everyone came out of it having cried, and laughed, and accessed a place in ourselves that we very rarely get a chance to experience. The person who was at the center of this constellation, the “seeker” told me afterwards that it was a life-changing experience for him. I wouldn’t recommend it lightly to just anyone, but I would say that I know of no better way to go deep into exploration and healing of relationships with self and others.” Charlotte B.



9am to 2pm with two small breaks around 10:30am and 12:15pm (plan to bring snacks or light lunch items)


Josephine Butler Park Center
2437 15th Street NW, Washington, DC 20009


The center is handicap accessible. Please coordinate with the venue directly or with Mali to get information and ask for any support you need. Closest metro is either Columbia Heights or U street and a 15 min walk from each. Bus lines to 16th street are a block away. Near Meridian Hill/Malcom X park.


In the first part of the morning, Mali will introduce Family Constellation work and offer some mini-constellations where everyone will have a chance to experience some movement in relationship to a person or a pattern/trigger.

The second two segments will consist of two Family Constellations of 60~90 min each where one person* will become a recipient of a constellation. All participants will be invited to choose to either witness or participate as live embodiments of what will be called on the field. Witnessing and participating offer much healing opportunities as well as being a recipient, as stepping into the human experience itself and helping recover Flow offer its own gift to each participant, no matter “for whom” was the Constellation for. More explanations will be provided.

*A ”Seeker” is the term used for those receiving a Constellation. The names will be drawn randomly in a basket where all those who want to possibly receive one will drop their own names on a piece of paper.

If after the workshop, you are wanting more individual Constellation work, you are invited to try an individual session in person or over the phone with Mali and/or via Skype, Google Hangout or FaceTime.


Early Bird (on or before 09/08): $75
Regular Tuition (after 09/08): $95
Minorities / Students / Anyone in Need of Financial Support: do not hesitate to contact Mali


Thank you for forwarding this event to friends, family members, networks, listservs and expanding the capacity of this event.

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About Mali

Mali Parke is an Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPBN) and Trauma-Informed ICF* Certified Professional Coach focused on empowerment and restorative (inner)relating as well as a Restorative Practices Trainer and Consultant in DC public schools, organizations and communities.

Mali completed an advanced Family Constellation Facilitator training under the mentorship of Sarah Peyton ( and Elena Veselago from Russia. She is currently continuing Master classes with Sarah Peyton, Stephen Hausner and many other master constellators. Mali’s work and learnings are steeped in the understanding of attachment theory and patterns, trauma and Interpersonal Neurobiology, Nonviolence and Collaborative & Restorative Dialogue.

You can read more about Mali’s work for organizations and schools at and follow her private individual/partner coaching practice at

During the Summer, Mali is also a co-host and trainer at the NVC intergenerational summer camp, Family HEART Camp West Virginia and a youth program trainer for young women, Grrrls With HEART.

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