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“If we wish to create a lasting peace we must begin with the children.” – Mahatma Gandhi

I am a dedicated mom, educator-supporter and trainer in compassionate parenting and education. I have studied extensively and am on the path towards certification in Nonviolent Communication and offer classes, individual coaching and empathy calls and meetings as well as create a supportive community of families who are inspired to educate and parent our children in empowering them while connecting to our hearts.

Starting in 2011 and officially launched in 2013, I have founded the Peace Circle Center – and community – where I am delighted to focus all coaching, training and support in restoring trust and connection to all individuals who care for young people in their lives.

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And here is a sampling of our services:

Parent/Family Coaching: one-on-one or couple coaching on parenting issues, from couple’s communication on parenting values, decoding your child’s behaviors, creating family routines and agreements that will hold all needs in the balance to identifying core triggers and solutions for the unique ‘hot buttons’ pushed in parenting situations.

Parenting Workshops / Classes: introductory sessions to Compassionate Parenting as well as an 8-week series or 3 half-days programs with approaches based on Nonviolent Communication, Positive Discipline, Attachment Theory and the latest research on empathy and the brain. Parents who follow the sessions have the added benefit of peer-to-peer empathic support.

Family Mediation:  third party mediator in your communication with your partner, with another family member or with your child using need-based exploration and a multi-partial approach that focuses on increasing connection to deeper and sometimes hidden agendas, establishing or repairing trust through safe and courageous vulnerability and transparency as well as increase empathic connection to each other to find a solution that will work for everyone.

Parent Support:   ‘Nurturing the Nurturer’ first!  One of the basis of Compassionate Parenting is to be compassionate with yourself, wherever you are in your parenting journey and style.  I offer empathy support through one-on-one coaching calls or appointments and group support.

The Peace Circle:  I am passionate about creating community as a key strategy to support our parenting journeys, especially since our families are often far away from us and that our parenting style may be surprising to many.  The Peace Circle is striving to create that community through a discussion forum, social meetups, playdates, camping trips and moms/dads coffees. Join us today!

And more….

Parenting Series, One-on-One Coaching Consultations
Supporting parents and families towards connection, holding everyone’s needs and co-creating  value-sharing Family Agreements

Peacemaking Circle Processes
Developing social-emotional literacy, building healthy relationships  in families, classrooms, groups

Educator and Youth Worker Training
Building internal capacity for integrated empathic approach to children and conflicts in schools and groups

Dialogue and Meeting Facilitation
Supporting the building of a connected and co-responsible community

Youth Workshop and Conference Facilitation

Co-Creating the Space to Give Voice and Tap Into Youth Potential

Youth Empathic Empowerment Circles
Developing Voices, Truth-Sharing, Empathic Connections to Self and the World

Restorative Practices Consultation
Offering a facilitated skilled and effective response to harm that promotes healing within classrooms, schools, families, communities

Reinsertion Circles
Facilitating circles to ease re-insertion of youth (or adult) in any group/classroom/school setting and strengthen learning, connection, empathy and repair of harm

Bullying Transformation Adult Training Program
Training staff, educators, parents in empowering conflict resolution skills, peacemaking circles and coaching approaches to youth in conflicts

Transforming Bullying From Within
Circle processes with youths to coach them to become mentors and bullying transformers within their own communities. Healing beyond the ‘offender/victim’ labeling and reconnecting to peer-to-peer care and co-responsibility.

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