Conscious Marketing Consulting


Do you have a small business, entpreneurial practice or non-proft organization that you love and you fully believe in your mission and the gifts that you want to share with the world?

And …

Do you feel stuck or frustrated when it comes to getting more clients and finding sustainability to make it work?

Do you feel some reticence or shame ‘selling yourself’ out?

Do you feel discouraged finding ways to market yourself while staying true to your values?

Core to Coeur can help you build a Conscious Marketing strategy for your business

We will work together on creating marketing strategies for your business that are based on:

  • deep conscious awareness of your needs and values
  • soul-searching understanding of your ideal client
  • authentic communication of your gifts
  • win-win intention for both your business and your client’s well-being

I love helping you wherever you are in the business process:

With years of marketing, communication and social media experience, I can help you from conception of your dream business to make it a real life choice, and from core coaching to the actual implementation of marketing and social media strategies to help your business leap forward.

I offer both tangible progress on your business launch or marketing materials as well as deep inner coaching:

  • editing/copywriting/technical support: includes website, flyers, Facebook page creation/launch, optimization or creation of your mailing system, newsletter, etc …
  • business coaching: I will coach you on the phone and walk you through exercises and processes to get you to leverage your existing network, fine-tune your delivery, package your offers, re-focus your own material copywriting in a way that inspires people, increase your social media presence and think of new marketing strategies that you may not have explored yet and finally build your lists and network to grow your visibility.
My conversations with you, your expertise, empathic listening, and thoughtful suggestions throughout have gotten so much moving for me – and my work – and Alberta NVC community! I’m feeling happily confident in a new way and busy with creative activities… Your consulting and coaching has been instrumental in this ‘transformation.’ I am truly grateful.  Just knowing that someone – you, Mali – is there for me, lovingly scrutinizing and skillfully supporting my NVC business adventure (an important aspect of my current life on this mysterious place called Earth) …this knowing makes a huge positive difference.” ~ Barbara Wiebe,
 Call at 202-257-3376 or email me at today to schedule a 15 min discovery call and discuss my various offer packages.
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