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“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi


A native from France, and a graduate from Sorbonne University with a Master in Economics and Management, I moved to the US in 1999 to follow my heart and dreams. I spent my first decade in DC searching myself in a career as a Strategic Marketing Manager in the financial sector, and Business Strategist and Marketing/PR/Social Media Consultant for various non-profit organizations. I really enjoyed marketing and connecting with people but I wasn’t getting a great sense of fulfillment.

It is on my own journey of growth, purpose discovery, particularly propelled when I became a mom and went through a painful but empowering separation, that I discovered my true voice and path: serving to create authentic connections to self and others, ignite fierce and compassionate self-expression, support integral alignment to live from our deep values and power, find what makes our hearts (‘coeur’ in French) thrive and live a passionate, purposeful life.

Whew! What a roller coaster and ride! ”CORE TO COEUR” was born from this deep exploration and rebirth process. Think “falling in the mud and learning to make a beautiful new pottery”.

In 2006, I discovered, – and then practiced and now joyfully share what I understand of –  Nonviolent Communication. Nonviolent Communication (NVC), which I and other facilitators/trainers prefer to refer to as Collaborative Communication or Empowered Communication, founded by Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D., has been used around the world to mediate conflicts, nurture relationships, and promote peace. For further information on NVC directly from the source, visit www.cnvc.org. I am currently entering the certification process with the Center for Nonviolent Communication.

I realized through it that we can all connect to what our deep intentions and purposes are within our hearts, step outside the realm of judgments, guilt, shame, or fear and create deep relationships where everyone’s needs matter and where empathy is the key to co-create agreements that work for everyone. It was an invitation to shift from power-over (win-lose) to power-with (win-win) relationships and develop deeper trust which in turn created more possibilities.

I was hooked in the endless possibilities of expression and connection with others and this turned my career around to focus on being of service to supporting others in finding more empowerment and connection in their lives.

In 2011, I completed my coaching certification with the International Coaching Federation through the “Coaching for Transformation” program by Leadership that Works.

Add to this countless hours of training in mindfulness, Shadow Work, The Work by Byron Katie, Focusing, Voice Dialogue, NLP or inspirations by so many authors and work out there coupled with my personal commitments in well-being supported by healthy nutrition, yoga, meditation and deep connections … and my kiddos’ cuddles everyday… and here I am!

I now find great joy and energy working with individuals, couples, families, educators, groups, teams and organizations who want to find more harmony, cooperation and thriving in their relationships, who want to get up everyday living and contributing to others with joy, and who want to follow their own true life calling and be of service.

I also enjoy bridging my background in marketing and business expertise and bringing it to holistic practitioners, social entrepreneurs, non-profits and changemakers who want to lead their business from value-based connection, collaboration and contribution to people and life.

Finally, who are we without PLAY and COMMUNITY? In 2011, with the support of friends, I launched The Peace Circle community to have several meet ups per year such as playdates, community-service events and camping trips for DC area parents. Our experience each year culminates and supports the vision year-round of  Family HEART Camp, a summer camp based on compassionate living and open to all, regardless of age or family/non-family structure. I am thrilled to support these events as a host or co-host and to have the option to play and offer this work during these community times.

And as of December 2012 I am excited to partner with Mitsiko Miller on a new Parenting for Peace project to support parents, children and women through teleclasses both in English and French.

Stay tuned for more new adventures and offers!

More about Mali

  • ICF Certified Professional Coach – Coaching for Transformation (www.leadershipthatworks.com)
  • Principal at Core To Coeur Coaching and Founder/Lead Trainer at The Peace Circle Center: Workshop facilitator and guest speaker on topics of Collaborative Communication, Compassionate Parenting, Women Empowerment, Restorative Discipline and Approach to Conflicts, Conscious Marketing
  • Regular Facilitator/Contributor at DC-area NVC organization Capital NVC
  • Graduate of BayNVC’s Parent Peer Leadership Program (PPLP) 2009
  • Graduate of BayNVC’s Leadership Program (LP) 2012 and Program Assistant in 2014
  • Graduate of Capital NVC‘s Welcoming LIFE program (based on the work of Robert Gonzales) in 2010
  • Master with Honors in Economics and Management from Sorbonne University, Paris, France with over 10+ years of business, sales and marketing expertise
  • French native and lover of all cultures, languages and unique flavors of life


  • Co-Host/Event Organizer/Trainer at Family HEART Camp of Virginia Co-Host since 2013 (Program Assistant in 2011, 2012)
  • Peace Corps, DC –  Collaborative Communication training
  • Washington Peace Center – Peacemaking Circles presentation
  • American Anthropology Association – Dialogue Facilitation
  • Howard University Charter Middle School – Restorative Practice training
  • Wilson High School – Restorative Practice introduction
  • Lil’ Omm Yoga – Compassionate Parenting training
  • The Studio DC – “Practicing Ahimsa: Nonviolence in our Communication” multiple intro sessions and 8-week training series
  • Assistant Trainer with Work Collaboratively, Inc on training program with Herrington on the Bay (5 day corporate training)


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