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Over the years, I have enjoyed learning from various NVC trainers with a diverse depth of experience and areas of focus. I have had the opportunity to meet some of them through traveling. A dream of mine is to make NVC accessible locally (and financially) for us all.

I met Francois Beausoleil through attending the BayNVC North American Leadership Program in 2012. I enjoyed his approach to shifting blame, re-empowering yourself through any and all situations, and living towards greater joy. Lately, he has finished a book and a specific process on living in this “Blame Free State,” as he calls it.

When I heard from many of you a desire to continue your NVC explorations as well, it was with joy and hope that I dreamed and planned with Francois a year-long NVC program in the Washington DC area, which would include other traveling trainers.

In late June, however, we received news of some significant shifts among the offerings, and we decided to postpone the year-long program for a while. We realize that this may have been a disappointment to some of you, and I hope that I have contacted everyone who expressed an interest in registering. (If not, please email me directly at

“And,” as we often say in NVC, there is a gift in any challenge. The gift that we’re unpacking here is to continue connecting to YOUR needs and find out how to best support and serve you locally. With that intention and effort, I am now redirecting some of our initial energy in several upcoming offerings this Fall/Winter, including two series of “Practicing Ahimsa: Nonviolence in our Hearts and Words“, a Level I and (new!) Level II course (TBA).

And Francois Beausoleil WILL come to DC January 8-10 for a three-day intensive on Living in the Blame Free State! (Space will be limited to 15, so sign up early!).

I will maintain as well the Intensive Retreat for partners, singles, and everyone in between, focusing on “Relating with Choice, Harmony, and Natural Giving in our Relationships.” Dates TBA Spring 2016.

Contact me if you are interested. If you want to support my vision to invite diverse trainers to the Washington DC area in 2016 and 2017, contact me as well!

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Sep 112015
I couldn’t be more excited and smiling in my heart to forward to you all information on a coaching practice launch by an inspiring woman, dear client and now peer coach of mine.   My heart sings seeing opportunities growing in our area for more self-connection, authentic relating and deep exploration of what makes one’s life more wonderful and I witness in humbleness and glee when my clients remember their magnificence and offer their gifts to the world. Please help me cheer Leora Ward’s launch of her Healing in Service (website coming soon) coaching practice and check out her series of workshops held at Yoga Heights, DC!
A Letter from Leora Ward:
“I started working with Mali a year and a half ago in an effort to realize a vision for my life that had been held over many years but not effectively nurtured. Mali helped me to understand the possibilities within my relationships and environment with the development of more breath, space, and love. She also supported me into a place where my dreams had life and they became more than just an illustration on paper.
My first offering to the DC community is now happening in the form of a three-part workshop being held at Yoga Heights in October. Please join me at the studio where we will integrate mind, body, and spirit in order to better serve others and establish a healthier as well as more grounded self during times of transition, instability, and unpredictability.
This workshop is a new and gentle way to reclaim your inner power and story among a community with a shared path and passion. It will help you to align your heart, work, and lifestyle to what you most deeply desire. All participants will spend time reconnecting to your inner selves, integrating your painful experiences, and creating room for authentic transformation.

Please sign up for one or all three workshops using the link below to see your possibilities ahead:

Creator, Healing in Service
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