Apr 152013

1776_332954236818988_834170299_nIt’s not just the birds, the flowers and the trees getting all in ebullition to renew themselves and offer their gifts to the world… Are you feeling that energy in yourself too?

Life has been busy these past two months… And full of waves of transitions and new shedding of ‘old stuff’. One thing that I love about coaching is the deep exploration of old beliefs, stories and core wounds that come back over and over and call for our attention in our shocks, dissatisfactions or hurts. Until we can really hold these shadow/hidden parts of ourselves with compassion and care, only then can we heal them from within and find greater alignment to our values in our life and relationships.

One of the inspiring teachers that I follow and still learn from talks about Mourning Our Way into Acceptance in her blog this week. If you like her writing, check out Miki’s online class “All In: Committing to a Life of Nonviolence“. Another teacher I enjoy listening to for years now too on self-compassion and acceptance is dharma speaker Tara Brach who offers free audio talks each week.

If you’ve been wanting some support in your own transition time, been wanting to transform core beliefs, be-friends the various parts of yourself or just curious, contact me today! I have spots open for two new one-on-one clients this season of April-May and look forward to accompanying you on your journey towards empowerment and joyful living.

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