Nov 192012

I have a deep-felt gratitude for attending the “Breaking The Silence Now” bullying awareness conference at a high school in Maryland yesterday.

I assisted CNVC-certified trainer, Jane Connor Ph.D, in a short presentation on ‘Transforming Bullying and Building Relationships’ with the power of Compassionate Communication and Restorative Practices.

I was moved to shivers and tears hearing teenagers sharing their personal stories of bullying.

And left re-invogirated in my vision and passion to present deeply transforming methods of communicating and listening with empathy to schools, educators and parents.

Contact me if you have curious in this particular topic as I am preparing new offers and curriculum for parents and teachers trainings.

Stay tuned for other programs shaping up for this Winter and contribute your own desires and wishes in this survey to help me best meet your needs!


Nov 192012

Fall GratitudeLet’s Make ‘Gratitude Day’ Every Day!

In this time of giving thanks, we slow down to focus on the people and events that warm our hearts.  Research proves that focusing on a gratitude practice each day improves your overal happiness, optimism and joy, even increases your immune system and more!

Both my children, 5 and 8, have taken on writing gratitude post-it notes every day and put them in a transparent jar, filling them with notes of love and appreciation for the small and big people and things in their lives. It’s been indeed uplifting them (and me!) and has been a joyous addition to our connecting rituals.

Gratitude Practice: Focus and write down each day on 5 things you are grateful for in your last 24 hours.  Do this every day for at least 30 days. See what comes up!

May you all be surrounded with love and care from your family and friends and rejoice in the small and large gifts of life.

In grateful service,

Nov 192012


The Parenting Matters Teleconference

Join a wonderful team of authors and speakers, including keynote speaker Daniel Siegel, MD, author of “Parenting From the Inside Out” or “The Whole Brain Child” at The Parenting Matters Teleconference, January 24-28, 2013.

Two of my personal trainers are on the call: Stephanie Mattei and Ingrid Bauer. And I love Lawrence Cohen’s work on Playful Parenting.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to hear the latest research in neuroscience to learn “How Parenting Shapes our Brain, Culture and History”.

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Parenting Matters Teleconference – January 24-28, 2013

Join us for this virtual conference packed with world renown parenting speakers and receive the latest cutting-edge information on what brain science has to offer on parenting and healthy brain development in children, and practical tips for parenting from your heart even when feeling stress.
Specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Contribute to your child’s health and life-long happiness
  • Foster a sense of security and well-being in your children
  • Manage dreaded food issues and actually use them to create more connection, trust and cooperation
  • Stay connected to your heart and parent from a place of love even when scared or overwhelmed
  • Bolster your ability to play with your kids to support mutual enjoyment and nurturing
  • Reclaim your heart-felt connection with your children
  • Enhance your innate compassion so you can empower yourself to be the parent you want to be