As an Empowering and Restorative Relating Coach, I invite you to go on a journey of self-discovery, voice-finding, wholeness-retrieving and abundant love-flowing, by diving deep to your own CORE (feelings, values, stories, beliefs … what makes you uniquely YOU), and finding out what makes your COEUR* (heart in French) thrive.

Living from greater sense of choice, freedom, power and fierce caring aliveness is possible. And living in honoring and respect of others in our families, our organizations, our systems while being ourselves is also possible. It is actually transformative for everyone.

If you are connecting to any of these questions below, and are ready to embark on making your life more wonderful, schedule a quick call with me to discuss how I can best support you. 


1510781_10151982310438141_749005693_nAre you longing for more PURPOSE in your life and greater SATISFACTION in your daily and big choices at work or at home?

Are you looking for more EASE and HARMONY in your relationships with your colleagues, partners, children, family members … maybe even some REPAIR in TRUST , WARM CARE and PARTNERSHIP ?

Do you wish to be able to handle difficult conversations and stay connected to your own TRUTH with SELF-CONFIDENCE all the while being able to guess or discern the underlying NEEDS of the other person underneath the hard-to-hear words or hurtful actions?

Do you long to be able to stay in RESPECTFUL CONNECTION in your family or groups and get SUPPORT in moving through conflicts, separations, exclusions, criticisms, blames, guilts, shut-downs or fears?

Are you ready to treat yourself with fierce LOVE and AUTHENTICITY and heal your INNER RELATING to be ready to invite others to treat you as such?

If you answered yes to any of these, I am here to be your companion on YOUR journey! 

Contact me today!

==> I provide deep empathic and empowering individual coaching to support you with reclaiming your fiercely authentic and caring voice, reclaiming and healing all parts of yourself, free yourself from core limiting beliefs and entanglements and find greater balance in relating with others. This journey is an invitation to come out of surviving mode and reclaim your spark and shine to thrive in life and align with your purpose and rediscover natural creation and giving to Life.

==> I work with partners in any stage of relating and heart-intentions to each other in finding their right placement and harmony. My approach does not hold any specific agenda such as staying married or deciding to separate, but will  support you to find out greater truth and possibility for deep learning and healing as well as recovering the flow of Love and honoring.  This work can be done with one partner alone or all partners.

==> I support families, partners, teams, community groups to learn, repair or increase collaborative living/working, transform conflicts and hurtful dynamics from their roots,  find greater satisfaction and partnership in holding everyone’s needs and recover creativity.

==> I offer customized group workshops and series serving specific focuses and can customize any speaking or training event to your own group, organization or community.


First-time here?
Schedule a 30-minute introductory session to find out if my approaches would be a match for you!

Mali Parke, CPC

Ask Me About:

  • Professional Coaching: Career, Relationships at Work, Team Collaboration
  • Life Coaching: Life, Partner Relationship, Parent-Child Relationship, Family Conflicts, Divorce, New Relationships
  • Restorative Relating / Conflict Resolution / Mediation: Partners, Separating Partners, Co-Parents, Siblings, Family, Team Conflict
  • Collaborative Communication Consulting and Workshops: Empathy, Self-Empathy, Authentic Dialogue, Couples Sessions
  • Parenting & Education Classes: introduction classes, exploration series and one-on-one coaching support
  • Authentic Marketing and Conscious Selling: marketing, PR, social media, copywriting based on a value-based/win-win approach
  • Restorative Practices Facilitation and System Consulting: groups, schools, educators training and facilitation in restorative conflict resolution as well as system consulting/implementation in your organization
  • Family and System Constellation: individual constellation, group constellation, choice-making constellation, attachment-healing constellation
  • Also check out The Peace Circle Center: Collaborative and Restorative Consulting and Coaching Services supporting families, parents and educators as well as community-events.


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