I invite you to dive deep to your CORE (feelings, values, stories, beliefs … what makes you uniquely YOU), find out what your COEUR (=heart) needs to live from greater choice, freedom and aliveness, holding your own needs in the balance of others’s needs.

Are you longing for more PURPOSE in your life?

Do you want greater SATISFACTION in your daily and big choices at work or at home?

Are you looking for more EASE and HARMONY in your relationships with your colleagues, partners, children, family members … maybe even some REPAIR in TRUST and PARTNERSHIP ?

Do you wish to be able to handle difficult conversations or hard-to-hear messages and stay in your own TRUTH with SELF-CONFIDENCE?

Do you long to stay in AUTHENTIC CONNECTION that respects everyone through conflicts, criticism, blame, guilt, fears?

Do you want to increase CARE and RESPECT  in the way people relate to you or the relationships you hold with others?

If you answered yes to any of these, contact me today!

==> I provide deep empathic and empowerment individual coaching to support you with reclaiming your voice, embracing all parts of yourself, re-awaken your creativity, purpose and passion and find greater balance in holding yourself and others with care.

==> I support families, partners, teams, community groups with collaborative training, conflict management, mediation to recover trust-based relationships and greater harmony and partnership.

==> I offer group workshops and series serving specific focuses and can customize any speaking or training event to your own group, organization or community.

First-time here?
Call or email me today to schedule a 30-minute coaching or consulting session!

Mali Parke, CPC

Ask Me About:

  • Professional Coaching: Career, Relationships at Work, Team Collaboration
  • Life Coaching: Life, Partner Relationship, Parent-Child Relationship, Family Conflicts, Divorce, New Relationships
  • Restorative Relating / Conflict Resolution / Mediation: Partners, Separating Partners, Co-Parents, Siblings, Family, Team Conflict
  • Collaborative Communication Consulting and Workshops: Empathy, Self-Empathy, Authentic Dialogue, Couples Sessions
  • Parenting & Education Classes: introduction classes, exploration series and one-on-one coaching support
  • Authentic Marketing and Conscious Selling: marketing, PR, social media, copywriting based on a value-based/win-win approach
  • Restorative Practices Facilitation and System Consulting: groups, schools, educators training and facilitation in restorative conflict resolution as well as system consulting/implementation in your organization
  • Also check out The Peace Circle Center: Collaborative and Restorative Consulting and Coaching Services supporting families, parents and educators as well as community-events.


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